Chocolate and Goji Berry Bites

Always a favourite at the restaurant, these are an amazing treat any time of the day !!   Made with dates, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and dark chocolate they are delicious.  They have some excellent health benefits too; they are a good source of fibre and boost of minerals and vitamins, just be careful not to have too many at once!

Makes 40

10 dates

35g goji berries

80g pumpkin seeds

240g almonds

20g raw cacao

50g choc protein powder

50g chia seeds

15g cacao nibs

20g dark chocolate

125ml  water

  • Remove stones from dates and chop finely into a paste
  • Roughly chop pumpkin seeds, almonds, and dark chocolate.
  • Place all the ingredients into the blender, (except the water) and pulse, until well mixed.
  • Add half the water and pulse to form a wet sticky mix, if needed gradually add the remaining water.  If preferred this stage can be done by hand, using a large mixing bowl and mixing by hand, to form a ball.
  • The mix then can be divided into 15g piece and rolled into balls, for the perfect bite-sized treat.