Almond and Cucumber Gazpacho

Serves: 6-8



200g toasted almonds

250g Gooseberries

250g cucumber

250g filtered water

250g cashew crème fraîche or coconut yogurt

X1 seeded green chilli

X4 Cloves of Roasted garlic

TO FINISH (to taste):

White wine vinegar

Maple syrup

Himalayan sea salt

Rapeseed oil

Cashew/ creme


Borage leaf




The night before marinade:

  1. Roast garlic whole at 180C until golden and the Clove is soft.

  2. Chop the cucumber roughly into 2cm dice, half the gooseberries, add toasted almonds, roasted garlic, filtered water, crème fraîche and chilli.

  3. Cover and leave to infuse over night in the fridge.

Next day:

  1. Blend using a vita mix blender or equivalent.

  2. Pass through a fine sieve, season with white wine vinegar, maple syrup and salt to taste


Use suitable soup bowl for serving and add all remaining ingredients for texture and taste.