The FOOD Apprenticeship Scheme

It's underway! John is so pleased to give two very keen young lads a chance to learn from him in the kitchen. Plus our more experienced lady of the kitchen Susan is doing a day a week at the amazing Westminster Kingsway Catering College.

John is experienced in training up young chefs and passing on his passion for food. Whilst Executive Head Chef at no 8 in Melbourne John had a team of 20 kitchen staff of which there were 6 apprentices.

Some of the great catering colleges here in the UK have closed, giving less opportunity for training the young wannabe chefs. Restaurants are encouraged to take on apprentices and do the training all on site in their kitchens. Which is exactly what we have done here at FOOD, assessors come in on a monthly basis to monitor their performance and set coursework. This gives them a hands-on training opportunity whilst being paid, which has got to be more appealing! 

Billy joins us from Osbournes, Leigh-on-sea, where he has just completed this level 1 & 2 apprenticeship in fishmongery and is now working under John's watchful eye to complete his level 1 & 2 in food preparation.

Jasper is joining us straight from school, he has been working in the kitchen over the summer washing up. This is exactly how John's career started, so we are hopeful Jasper will go on to great things.

So watch this space, we will keep you updated with their progress and maybe one day you will be eating in their restaurant!