Why Omega 3 makes us so happy. It’s a no brainer.

Right at the very heart of what we do and achieve in the restaurant is health and well-being. We serve wholesome, healthy produce on every plate (or bowl!). Considering what foods give to us beyond a full stomach, is the smart way to ensure we are enriching and positively nurturing our bodies to boost health. When I’m creating a dish, every element is looked at not only for what it delivers in taste and texture but also in nourishment. One nutrient I am always keen to champion is Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids have been linked to benefitting an array of conditions from heart disease to rheumatoid arthritis, cancer to strokes. Our bodies can’t function without this amazing little booster. Omega 3 fatty acids promote our metabolism, so help us digest other vitamins and minerals better. It also features in cell walls, keeps the nervous system functioning, keeps cholesterol in check and reduces inflammation throughout the body. All of these functions allow our bodies to run efficiently and without limitations or hesitation, essential to maintaining and improving our health. Fatty acids are considered integral “brain food”. 60% of your brain is made up of fats and so replenishment of this nutrient is key to maintain its functioning. Several developmental conditions such as ADHD and autism are treated with Omega 3 supplements and research has shown that mental health is improved with the increase in the fatty acid (thats why these goodies make us so happy).

Omega 3 is considered to be an “essential” fatty acid because our body cannot produce it on its own, it needs to get it from our fuel, food! Foods naturally high in Omega 3 include nuts, chia seeds, hemp oil, flax seeds, fish oils, leafy greens, wild rice, veggies in the cabbage family, berries and beans. Not only do the inclusion of these ingredients add brilliant bites of taste and texture to my dishes, they also benefit your body and that, to me, is a wonderful win-win.