Shopping Local 

To be able to create the best dishes possible, it is so important that I am able to use fresh, organic and premium produce. When you have amazing products their goodness speaks for itself. It is the only way I can put up plates of loveliness each evening. When looking for the best, it isn’t just ensuring it is organic but also that it is fresh and at its prime. It may seem quite obvious but one way to make sure I have seasonal, sensational fruit, vegetables and meat, is to make sure they don’t have to travel a number of miles to get to the restaurant. The window of opportunity where food is best can be quite narrow and having everything close by means that I can capitalise on that time.  Although the goodness of the produce is, of course, at the forefront of my mind,  there is a host of other reasons why shopping locally will always be beneficial. 


  • It’s ecological- well-being is so readily at the forefront of our minds at the restaurant and this isn’t just focused on food and health. It is also looking at the bigger picture and how we can be a bit ‘greener’. Limiting our carbon footprint by lowering the journey produce has from farm to plate supports this perfectly.  
  • Champions Essex produce- As a county with a coastline, warm climate and moderate rainfall, we are in a place that can nurture a vast variety of elite produce that we are incredibly proud of. We are able to source beautiful wild fish from the Thames Estuary and sensational meat (from happy organic animals) from pastoral farms in the open countryside.
  • Supports the local economy- Research has shown that for every £1 spent within the local community 63p stays in the local compared to 40p when you shop at larger businesses. Having a local business myself, this is good news!!
  • Personalised service- I have a much more personal service from my suppliers. This is integral to me being able to produce something sensational. I am able to communicate exactly what I need and when, or if I can’t get something, what alternatives I can have that are available seasonally and are at their prime. My suppliers are incredibly passionate about what they do andhave a a lot of pride in creating the best for us. They have a wealth of expertise they are happy to share so always help to inspire and educate.