Why “going Organic” is the only way forward…

Within the restaurant and my own home every ingredient and product is 100% organic. As a relatively new term , “Organic” can still sound a bit ostentatious. In reality the word wasn’t even necessary until the mass use of pesticides and herbicides began to be introduced to the food industry in the 1950’s. Before then, you didn’t need to state that food wasn’t contaminated or chemical laden, the alternative didn’t exist! There is a very long list of benefits organic produce give and so here are just a few reasons why I’m solely organic

  • Its more nutritious- Organic produce has a higher concentration of antioxidants and flavonoids (cancer fighting compounds!). They are lower in heavy metals and toxins that can be harmful and build up in the body.
  • It’s tastier- Flavour is so important to me. The best produce isn’t masked by the taste of any chemicals, pesticides or diluted by GM crops that retain more water to make them look bigger. 
  • They don’t contain chemicals and toxins- This may seem obvious to say but pesticides are poisons made to kill! For me, removing anything toxic is crucial for living a healthier and longer life. 
  • The elimination of GM foods- Genetically Modified (GM) food is produce that has had its DNA altered to produce a higher yield. GM corn, for example, was altered to make its own insecticide using Bt-toxins. Bt-Toxins kills insects by lining their digestive tract. The same toxin has been seen to affect human cells in the same and damage digestion.
  • Environmental- All these pesticides and toxins are impacting eco-systems by eliminating pollinating insects that allow natural landscapes and agriculture to exist. Pollution from agriculture also affects water supply in the runoff. 
  • Animal welfare- Organic livestock aren’t allowed to unnecessarily be treated with antibiotics and at no stage of their lives come in contact with growth hormones. Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) is a notable animal welfare organisation that rates Organic as the best way to rear livestock. 

It maybe a little more expensive but for me the benefits outweigh the cost. If you aren’t able to always get fruit or veg that is organic, I would always recommend washing produce in a solution of water and 10% apple cider vinegar.