Goodbye WiFi

Wi-fi, the life blood of our current smartphone dependent, technologically diverse world. With all the convenience it adds to our lives why won’t you find it in the restaurant Food by John
Lawson? Quite simply, as with everything we do at the restaurant, it is down to wellbeing.

Since recovering from my Brian Tumour in 2015 I found an increasing sensitivity to EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). Being in an area of WiFi I found I was developing headaches and a brain fog that made it impossible for me to concentrate and function. I realised Wi-Fi negatively affecting my day to day health and needed to avoid it at all costs. This was my own conclusion, so I decided to research further. Although scientific understanding is limited in this area (as with most things that have created a very lucrative market), I am not the only one to note negative side affects and pressure is slowly forcing organisations to look into what we are bathing our bodies in 24/7. Fledgling research certainly supports my own findings. More alarmingly, The World Health Organisation International EMF Project have stated that even low EMF have carcinogenic effects, particularly on children. This is just one major organisation looking into the long term harm we are putting ourselves in.

So, a couple of tips to reduce your exposure…

Use an Ethernet Cable- This is what I do as it fully eliminates WiFi from my home and at the Restaurant. This Hardwires all of your devices to the internet allowing you to just access what you need when you need it. You may want to look into investing into an Ethernet hub to give you more outlets, extra long ethernet cables and ethernet adapters for devices that don’t have ethernet ports such as tablets and some laptops. Using this will also mean you need wired peripherals such as mice, keyboards and headphones.

Turn on your WiFi only when you need it- Beyond the negative health effects of using WiFi a lot of research has gone into the link between technology and insomnia. So why not simply turn off your WiFi before you go to bed and turn WiFi off on your phone? You may find there are only certain times you use the internet when the WiFi can specifically turned on. 

Limit the need for WiFI- Avoid using Wireless technologies around your home such as thermostats, cookers and smart beds.