Slowly does it

Cooking meat slowly improves the flavour, highlighting the quality of the produce. You can often use cuts of meat that would normally be wasted, making them cheaper to buy and a more sustainable way of living.

Our gut loves slow cooked meat as it is easier to digest and does not have to over work to break it down. When you cook meat slowly good bacteria is created which benefits our bodies further.

There has been lots of research recently about the link between gut health and our general well-being, I believe looking after my gut has aided my recovery from brain injury and I always try to feature a 'slow' cooked meat on the menu at my restaurant.

Chef’s tips

  • Buy cheaper cuts of better quality meat,organic and grass fed is best.
  • Cook them slowly by either steaming them or covering them in the oven at a low temperature
  • Don’t stress out, its not good for your gut

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