Why Salt Marsh Lamb is on the menu

The lambs are born in March and April and first live from just their mother's milk. Their mothers have been only fed on the natural marshes, full of plants and minerals grown on the marshes. Ground that has not come into contact with pesticides and fertilisers. The lambs after 4 to 6 weeks then start feeding on the grasses and benefit from the high levels of salt and iodine found in the grasses.

As a result, the meat is juicier and more ‘melt in the mouth’ tender.

We are privileged in Essex to have a long stretch of marshland from West Mersea to Tollesbury. As a natural grazing area that has never had any chemicals or been ploughed to grow anything other than salt marsh grass, it is ideal for sheep as they are light at foot and do not damage the infrastructure of the marsh.

We cook the lamb as slowly as possible to preserve the flavour and make sure it is good for our gut! Slow cooked meats are easier for our bodies to digest.

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