Asparagus season

Fresh British Asparagus is not in season for long, Chef John explains what is so special about this vegetable..

"British Asparagus is the best in the world! The climate in England is perfect for producing asparagus that is full of flavour"

The health benefits are endless and here are just a few reasons you should be eating this seasonal veg;

  • Eating more of the spears can flush excess fluid and salt from your body which may help prevent infections in your urine tract.
  • Cooking asparagus activates cancer fighting properties but over cooking extracts most of the benefits. Lightly steam or saute to keep antioxidants locked in.
  • Roast your asparagus with some good quality coconut oil, our bodies absorb vitamin E found in this vegetable better when eaten with a healthy fat and finish with a drizzle of olive oil.

This month we will be serving up asparagus in the restaurant to celebrate the month it is at its best. If you cant get to the restaurant below is a quick recipe for you to try at home;

1. Where possible source locally grown organic asparagus (In Essex try Sarah Green Organics)

2. Heat a little coconut oil in a pan over a medium heat

3. Add the asparagus and toss in the oil to give a good coverage

4. Add a sprinkle of Pink Himalayan salt

5. Cook for no longer than 2-3 mins until it is light golden brown.

Asparagus goes well with a poached egg for a quick healthy snack.