Grass fed? Organic? What's best?

When you are next in the supermarket and sneak a pack of mince into your trolley, consider this..

The difference between ‘standard’  ‘grass fed’ and ‘organic’ meat, obviously grass fed is where the animal has been fed on grass as oppose to pellets and grain. Grass fed beef contains higher levels of omega 3 compared with standard beef, due to the nutrients the animal gets from the grass. Organic does not mean grass fed, organic could mean it has been fed on ‘organic grains’ and therefore lacking in other health benefits associated with grass fed beef.

There is also the length of time the animal has been feeding on grass to consider, some say the meat is ‘grass fed’ but for how long? From birth, in the last 2 weeks or always? Unless you know the farm and have questioned their farming methods, how will you really know?

That’s the same as organic, you could be lucky enough to find an organic farm that feeds only on grass no grains. But without researching, it is unlikely you will find this type of producer in the aisle of your local supermarket.

This is where the importance of buying locally comes in, you can visit and see how the animals are treated, find out more about the farms methods and the ethos they follow.

Doing this is not the easy option, but it is important, and something we should be mindful of. Eat less meat, make it more local and that in term makes it sustainable for everyone.

Out next event on 30th May is highlighting our local organic farmer here in Essex, French’s Farm. This family run farm has the very best farming methods and works tirelessly ensure they keep the highest standard. The result is one that can be tasted, the flavour in the meat is exceptional.

To meet Malcolm Knox the owner of French Farm and taste his organic, grass fed beef cooked three ways by Chef John, reserve your table for this special event here.