Wild collection

Naturally grown and harvested by his own hands... Chef John talks about foraging, and what you need to look for!

"Why do I forage for ingredients? Well, its local, it's healthier, packed with iodine and intense nutrients plus it's what we should be eating... The food that we had when we were hunter and gatherers!

I have been over to Two tree island and included my foraged ingredients in many restaurant dishes since I opened last year, and it's full of wonderful treats! Sea beet, purslane, samphire, delicious fresh and beautiful. 

This year I pushed to forage for more - I bought a book "Eat the beach", it gives you an idea of what is edible around the English coastline.  

I have so much to learn... But I do know that most of the wild bush is actually edible... You just need to know what's what...

Since then, I have gone onto find some more hidden gems: sea Aster, sea blite and wild fennel.

The best bit about all these lovely wild things growing just around us, they are super nutrient dense... Of course, they are, they have to survive conditions out in the cold and on the cost that can be very rough. The benefits to us are not only huge, their impact on dishes are intense and unmissable. "