Farm work on Lauriston farm, Maldon

Biodynamic farming at its best.

What is biodynamic I here you ask?

Biodynamic agriculture is very similar to organic farming, but it has more layers, soil fertility, plant growth, livestock care as ecological task, emphasizing spiritual and mystical perspectives.

I heard about Lauriston farm from a friend in the industry. I researched their work and wanted to visit it straight away as they share the same values as myself. They are really doing incredible work in the community.

Just over an hours drive from Leigh-on-sea near Maldon in Goldhanger, the farm is very close to the waters edge. I met Spencer Christy the director of the farm who begun building the business in 2004. He sits on the board of trustees with the biodynamic association also. A man with a pedigree of knowledge in biodynamic farming and a real inspiration. The head Farmer is Andre Kleinjans oversees all the general farm work including the livestock.

I spent the day working with Monique Kleinjans, she is so knowledgeable on all aspects of this farming type, it was so a privileged to be in her company and just absorb all the information.

I believe as a chef conscious about serving the best nutritional food for my guests its vital I’m able to grow food in the best possible way for our health. Biodynamic is certainly the best way and I intent to keep learning more about it.

Check them out.. it’s a very special pace worth visiting.