Aizle Restaurant, Edinburgh

Stuart and I worked together in New York some 12 years ago.

We have stayed in contact, when I moved back to the UK 3 years ago his restaurant went on my list of places to visit.

I took my Dad to Edinburgh for a Father’s Day treat.. Aizle was our first stop.

I was so excited to take my Dad to restaurant that was led by a chef on top of his game.

Aizle has been open 5 years now, Stuart and his wife Crystal have  created something very special, with heart and soul.

Stuart has a similar concept to Food by JL, no menu, seasonal and using produce based on what a available locally. So it all resonated...

The food was inventive, tasty and full of life and ambition.

He is a proper Scottish chef, big flavours with hearty cooking and lots of love being transferred into his food.

If you are in Edinburgh you have to go

He is soon to open a more casual place with the same ethos.

Well done mate, proud of you and all your achievements.