Jacks Patch Farm

I’ve recently just started volunteering at Jacks Patch farm in Upminster. I decided to volunteer because of his organic produce, ethos and to understand how our food is grown as to be able to cook the best food ...it starts on the farm.

Jacks Patch farm is a ¼ acre allotment owned by Jack who produces the freshest and healthiest veg. He started farming when he wanted to renew his visa to live in Australia and to do that he had to complete 88 days of agricultural work. After the experience of working outside, it clicked that this is what he wanted to do.


The ethos for his farm lies solely in the farm to table ethics. To know who grew your food, harvested it and knowing that it was organically grown with some love. This is what we want our food to be organic and grown with care, thanks to Jack, you'll get the most out of your fresh produce like the nutritional benefit, flavour, and holistic benefits.

I love supporting local and inspiring businesses like Jacks, we’ve recently started to include more of Jack’s produce in our menu, making it more flavourful and local. For more information about Jack and for his contact details visit his website at https://www.jackspatch.co.uk/about