Benefits of Blueberries

The most important thing about the blueberry is they have anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties. 

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Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidant, they are so important in our diet for long term health, to prevent age related physical changes. 

In particular, people with cardiovascular problems, mild diabetes, eye problems, urinary – tract or intestinal infections should eat blueberries regularly.

Blueberries taste good, they are easy to consume on the go, as a snack and they are a super super food! When you first cut out sugar, these little add these little gems into your food to sweeten it up.

When making muffins chuck a few in the mix… so tasty and great when baked!

Blueberries and feta are a great combination, salty and sweet, nice and tangy. Also with your pancakes with lemon, honey and yoghurt.. OMG !

John's facts:

  • If you can’t afford Organic, wash in a 10% solution of Apple cider vinegar and water to remove pesticides and residue
  • Great in smoothies and juices
  • Perfect snack on the go!

My mates:

  • Spices…Cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg, they go great together
  • The herb mint is a very good friend!
  • Ginger, mace and vanilla all complement each other well…
  • Muffins, I love being inside a fluffy sponge
  • Cured salmon is a surprisingly good buddy.. salty and sweet!