Butter is best

Everything tastes better with butter right?

Butter is essentially over whipped double cream, split and separated into fat and whey (liquid)

It’s actually very easy to make, just takes a little time that's all…

Grass- fed organic butter is the best possible butter you can buy, but it might be hard to get hold of, depending on where you are located. Kerrygold is a brand of butter that is made with milk from grass fed cow.

It is so good for you in moderation as well, rich in vitamins A, d & K-2 and also heart disease preventing CLA (conjugated Linoleum acid) which is a strong cancer-preventing fatty acid! …. I’m Loving butter!!!!

Along with coconut oil, it’s the best to cook with at high temperatures as long as it doesn’t burn. I love roasting vegetables, meats and fish with it if you want a heartier and rich flavour for the end meal, it gives a lovely richness to the meal.

John's facts:

  • Grass – fed butter is loaded with Vitamin K2, the missing nutrient that de-calcifies your arteries
  • Butter is a great source of a short-chain fatty acids called butyrate, which helps fight inflammation.
  • Find the right butter and buy lots and freeze it… butter freezes really well. 

Butters friends:

  • Bread
  • Welsh rarebit
  • Hollandaise sauce
  • Beurre blanc